Kindle_download_helper是一款国人开源的 Python 脚本,可用于批量下载往期已购买的 Kindle 电子书,并将其保存到本地。遵守GPL3.0开源协议。Kindle 已宣布将在 2024 年 6 月 30 日停止Kindle电子书店在中国的运营,此前购买的书籍将无法进行下载。

Cli 安装使用

  1. python3
  2. requirements
python3 --version  # 查看 python 版本
pip3 install kindle_download  # 使用 pip 安装
git clone && cd Kindle_download_helper
pip3 install -r requirements.txt
python -h # 查看使用参数

usage: [-h] [--cookie COOKIE | --cookie-file COOKIE_FILE] [--cn] [--jp] [--de] [--uk] [--resume-from INDEX] [--cut-length CUT_LENGTH] [-o OUTDIR] [-od OUTDEDRMDIR] [-s SESSION_FILE] [--pdoc]
                 [--resolve_duplicate_names] [--readme] [--dedrm] [--list] [--device_sn DEVICE_SN] [--mode MODE]

positional arguments:
  csrf_token            amazon or amazon cn csrf token

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --cookie COOKIE       amazon or amazon cn cookie
  --cookie-file COOKIE_FILE
                        load cookie local file
  --cn                  if your account is an account
  --jp                  if your account is an account
  --de                  if your account is an account
  --uk                  if your account is an account
  --resume-from INDEX   resume from the index if download failed
  --cut-length CUT_LENGTH
                        truncate the file name
  -o OUTDIR, --outdir OUTDIR
                        dwonload output dir
  -od OUTDEDRMDIR, --outdedrmdir OUTDEDRMDIR
                        dwonload output dedrm dir
  -s SESSION_FILE, --session-file SESSION_FILE
                        The reusable session dump file
  --pdoc                to download personal documents or ebook
                        Resolve duplicate names files to download
  --readme              If you want to generate kindle readme stats
  --dedrm               If you want to `dedrm` directly
  --list                just list books/pdoc, not to download
  --device_sn DEVICE_SN
                        Download file for device with this serial number
  --mode MODE           Mode of download, all : download all files at once, sel: download selected files