Winds 是一款基于Web的开源个性化 RSS 阅读器, 基于React/Redux/Sails/Node 7 和 Stream (的API。个性化的阅读,采用类似 Facebook, Flipboard的机器学习算法来进行个性推荐。

Stream 网站将负责 feed 个性化储存.可免费处理 3亿条 feed 更新及对100个用户的个性化机器学习。可选数据库是否存储到本地服务器。


GetStream / Winds

NOTICE: Winds v2.0 is under active development and will be released in early 2018. It's feature packed with all kinds of goodies and we're excited for you to play with/experience them in the next release. Please stay tuned for updates at For a quick read on Winds v2.0, check out the following blog post: Thank you for your support! 🚀